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“AdvisorPeak, Thanks for your awesome program. I just traded 100 accounts in the last hour, great to have this powerful resource! I felt like Batman for a minute that I could pull this off!”

Mike B.

Erie, PA

“The process before AdvisorPeak for rebalancing was just plain awful. At the time, we only had 50 accounts, but we utilized three custodians, and that took all day to prepare the trades, execute the trades, and to allocate the trades. Now we have over 250 accounts in our models, still across three custodians that utilize Mutual Funds, ETF’s, Equities, and that process now only takes a couple of hours, which is impressive considering the amount of trades that we do during a rebalance is roughly 3,000 trades.

The reason I love working with AdvisorPeak is because of the passion that they have to make the product better. They are not afraid to listen to feedback because they know that the users are the ones who are going to help make the system great, and they are always open to feedback.

My personal opinion is that if you haven’t looked at AdvisorPeak, you’re already behind the ball. I recommend that you look into them, and you’ll see why if you haven’t started using them, that you should.”

Joseph J.

VP of Operations

Morristown, NJ

“I just wanted to say thank you for providing us such great tools!

We’re a tactical ETF strategist, we manage over 20 models, and we work with multiple custodians. Your software allows us to very quickly and tactically trade once to twice a month. It enables us to go into each of our models, quickly change them, rebalance all of them, but then, more importantly, we’re able to buy our importing of the information of the position files from Morningstar. You guys then help us create the various allocation files at the various custodians. This enables us to trade and then quickly upload and create a block order to get it to the step-out trading facilities we use. Then best of all, we get an allocation file that I can upload. Like magic, all of the various positions and trades happen in the client accounts at the custodians.”

Drew W.


Carmel, IN

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