Definition of Team adjective: of or performed by a team a team effort; alsomarked by devotion to teamwork rather than individual achievement: a team player

Selecting the right team members is critical to the success of any business. It requires planning and choosing the right people since the wrong choice can quickly derail any progress. Each team member needs a high-level of connection with the management, but more importantly, with others on your team. Each must possess skills that complement the rest of the group.

According to MIT’s (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) human resources department, the trick to building a capable team is to start small and build out your team one by one:

‘Ideally, teams should be small (not more than ten people) so that members can develop a high level of connection and interdependence. Members need both technical expertise (including writing and presentation skills) and good interpersonal skills for working in small groups.’

Technical skills are essential, but how successful your team is in working with each other is what will move your business (or idea) forward. When AdvisorPeak set out to build the team that would develop our software and bring it into the FinTech market, we did as MIT suggests, first building our management team:

Damon Deru, our Founder and CEO, has a background in the financial services industry where he worked as an advisor for a Registered Investment Advisory firm. As an advisor, one of his primary responsibilities was investment research and trading for over 600 client households. Additionally, he managed and maintained the tech stack including software, databases, IT needs for the firm. It was in this role where he became frustrated by the lack of affordable and intuitive rebalancing options and where the idea for AdvisorPeak’s customizable robust portfolio rebalancing system was born.

Patrick Keel, AdvisorPeak’s Chief Operations Officer, previously worked as a portfolio and trading manager and later as a Director of Operations at three wealth management firms before entering the FinTech industry. With two additional FinTech positions on his resume, he was the perfect choice for AdvisorPeak’s operations from the development stage into the FinTech market.

Tim Minert, our Chief Revenue Officer, has a background as a financial advisor, financial advisory firm owner, and technology consultant. Tim has worked as an integration expert advising on the coordination of Institutional Relationships, including integrations, broker-dealers, custodians, and partnerships. He is knowledgeable in executing new marketing agreements, API Integrations, and CRM installations coordinated with back-office systems. His knowledge has been an essential component of our partnerships with custodians and other systems providers to benefit our advisor clients.

Pete Giza, AdvisorPeak’s Chief Product Officer, brings 33 + years of extensive experience working with startup and Fortune 500 companies. He has founded three companies, worked with large enterprises, startups, and early-stage companies, has CXO management experience, and has an in-depth knowledge of systems architecture, integration, and implementation across a full breadth of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS platforms. Pete’s expertise and delivery on public and private cloud platforms, including AWS, Google, Microsoft, and private label platforms, plus WeathTech platform experience guide our AdvisorPeak software development.

Discussing what it takes to be part of the AdvisorPeak team Damon says: “After deciding on our management team, we selected team members with differing skills and employment experiences. One requirement to work at AdvisorPeak is that each possesses the ability to express their ideas clearly, but more importantly, work successfully with all of us. After all, we do not hire employees; we hire team members. We look at it as joining forces to create something great.”

We are a collaborating group of individuals working together with advisors to bring advisors the highest value and choice in our industry. We are AdvisorPeak and invite you to try our trading a rebalancing platform free of charge until June 30th, 2020.