Kevin Winn

Kevin Winn


Kevin is the Chief Information Office for AdvisorPeak, Inc. In this role, he focuses on implementing processes and workflows based on actionable heuristics gathered through public and private media channels integrated into internal tools for relationship management and customer service.

Prior to joining AdvisorPeak, Kevin spent over 10 years committing his time and energy to RedBlack Software where he held many roles including Director of Support, Director of Sales, and Director of Consulting. In his consulting role, Kevin’s services were promoted to new and existing clients with the distinguished title of subject matter expert for all things related to rebalancing and order management.

Before RedBlack, Kevin spent several years working for an independent RIA as head trader, where he became keenly aware of all of the minutia and documentation required to remain compliant with SEC regulations as an RIA.

Kevin is exceptional at understanding the overall goals of an organization, then implementing specific business processes for each involved department to help achieve those goals.