Advisors that are ahead of their time in their technology and their business acumen are often the ones that scale quickly. With compression of the industry happening monthly, advisors must be agile in their business decisions. This also includes deciding on the technology that will keep them in business by separating them from the competition in what they can offer clients—more time face to face through advisory services. When it comes to saving time that enables advisors more time with clients or prospects, technology should do the heavy lifting at your firm. 

Better software provides better client engagement and management, and a reduction in spending on administrative tasks. When there is less money coming in from traditional product sales the only way to scale is by having more advisory clients. 

When advisors choose to offer financial advice with smarter technology they can survive against the so-called big players. Technology enables portfolio management to become so efficient that financial advice becomes the most important offering at successful firms. 

Your rebalancing software becomes your ‘secret weapon’ to grow AUM since advising clients is what should take up most of your time—not rebalancing portfolios. AdvisorPeak benefits your practice by saving you time and money separating your firm from the competition:

  • Use technology to create individualized portfolios based on the individual client’s needs and not ‘cookie-cutter’ portfolio choices.  
  • Utilize ETFs across all fund families combined with other investment options that are appropriate to each client based on their investor profile.
  • Implement technology enabling your clients to have the same digital experience you do when it comes to their portfolio
  • Instantly deliver information compiled through the software.
  • Provide automated rebalancing, and tax-loss harvesting intuitive of each client’s needs
  • Customization for the client is essential to their success.
  • Efficiently onboard new client segments or smaller existing clients that fall below account minimums- without compromising quality or client service.  
  • Trade digital assets and keep information readily available and accessible to you and your clients

AdvisorPeak seamlessly integrates with your existing technology suite and service providers to fully support your advisory practice. Contact us to set up a demo and experience what AdvisorPeak can do for your wealth management practice.