Regarding tech in the COVID era and what advisors should be thinking about adding to their tech stack- now in order to be ready for 2022 is essential. Financial technology experts are weighing in on what FinTech tools are needed today and the research to support their recommendations.

Advisors need to stay ahead of technology. If they don’t, their legacy systems will be useless compared to critical systems used by advisors equipped with the latest technologies. The stakes are high to make the switch now before the end of the year—there’s no better time than the present to try and buy. We at AdvisorPeak are already are providing the integrations for the sophisticated trading and rebalancing systems advisors require now and in the future:

“By 2022, the SMAC stack (social, mobile, analytics, and cloud) will be table stakes for investment providers. Cloud platforms will largely replace legacy systems to support agile innovation, customer centricity, and internal collaboration. Wealth and asset management firms will integrate new sources of data from within and outside their organizations and rely on sophisticated analytics to extract greater value for engaging clients, managing portfolios, and streamlining back-office operations. 

To drive growth and leap-frog past competitors, investment providers will embrace a variety of game-changing technologies, from artificial intelligence, blockchain, and APIs, to predictive analytics, web collaboration tools, and facial recognition. Companies will also harness these technologies to cope with evolving regulations and cybersecurity risks, as they strive to make their IT systems more secure, resilient, and adaptive.” Wealth and Asset Management 2022: The Path to Digital Leadership.

We have lined up some of the leading best of breed providers as our partners when it comes to selecting components to build out your tech stack. Our integrations and open API mean no downtime for advisors who want to transition to advancing component systems amid industry compression and COVID-19. 

We also believe that technology components should add one by one based on your firm’s needs. We encourage you to contact us to find out how our trading and rebalancing software, combined with best-of-breed providers, allows you more time with clients, thus increasing your bottom line. Enhancing your client’s experience by adopting the critical systems to improve their efficiency should also not be overlooked. 

Contact us today and experience how AdvisorPeak’s technology will position you to stay ahead of the competition in 2022 and beyond.