The companies that have successfully pivoted to remote work are ahead of the curve in our current pandemic situation. But only if they can maintain the same connectedness they had while working side by side. The right management is crucial to preserving remote teams. How successful your team is in working with each other is an integral part of business continuity.

Our philosophy at AdvisorPeak is that when you hire the right team from the beginning, maintaining a remote team is not difficult. Additionally, maintaining a “yes-no” approach like when your team is physically in the office is recommended:

  • YES, to delegating work
  • YES, to trusting and having faith in your team
  • NO micromanaging
  • NO overcommunicating

“Work extra hard to communicate in a level manner, emphasize verbal support and encouragement, and if at all possible, avoid criticism. Your workers won’t be at 100% during this time, but by being a source of stability, you maximize the productivity that your employees are able to have in this situation.”- Fast Company, 5 strategies to manage your newly remote employees, March 18, 2020.

It cannot be overemphasized that daily check-ins with your team is essential for everyone’s mental health and to keep everyone focused. Additionally, investing in the right technology to keep everyone connected and productive while working remotely is critical, especially now. At AdvisorPeak, we use many tools, but not too many, in our tech stack to maintain our connectivity, no matter where we are:

Video conferencing provides visual stimulation to keep everyone on task and provides for more formal meetings. One on one sessions and group meetings can easily happen through online conferencing options, now fundamental to many businesses. For this to be effective, attendees need to turn their video on, and that should be strongly suggested.

Instant messaging apps provide a place to organize individual team communication outside of email. Email is by far the most used form of internet communication, but apps keep it channel-specific to the project and only the involved team members. Sending a quick message to check-in to see how a team member is doing and if they need your help is encouraged.

While working near one other is not always possible, arming your team with the right tech stack to stay connected is imperative. With many communication tools available today, building and maintaining your team during times of trouble is natural. While so much is out of our control, how we take care of one another and stay connected is.

We are a collaborating group of individuals working together (sometimes remotely) to bring advisors the highest value and choice in our industry. We are AdvisorPeak and invite you to try our trading a rebalancing platform free of charge until June 30th, 2020.