During the course of a year as an RIA, you make numerous trading decisions on behalf of your clients. Setting trading alerts to match certain market conditions that affect your client can ease the review process for time critical trading decisions. AdvisorPeak’s software enables financial advisors to automate their alerts to manage their client’s trade transactions efficiently.

Tolerance and threshold breaches.

AdvisorPeak enables advisors to set thresholds for individual securities for a set percentage of a client’s portfolio. Likewise, for asset classes as part of their asset allocation strategy. Additionally, trade alerts can be set for the high or low end of the desired percentage range, triggering a review for a potential sale of stock or the repurchase of additional shares. Likewise, with an asset class, alerts can signal it’s time to rebalance the client’s portfolio.

Raising cash by a set date.

There are numerous reasons why clients may need to raise cash. They may be cyclical, seasonal or ad hoc. Perhaps college tuition bills are due. Or the client may need cash to cover their RMDs or tax payment. Whatever the reason, AdvisorPeak enables you to set multiple alerts ensuring that the cash your client needs can be raised by the date needed.

Reconciliation and trade review.

Setting an alert to review and reconcile trades made in your client’s accounts is an important step to ensure that all trades were executed correctly and properly and reflect accurately in your client’s accounts. 

Future trading activity.

Over the course of the year, trades may need to be executed to meet various planning objectives within your client’s portfolios. AdvisorPeak software allows RIAs to set alerts for a planning-related transaction. Examples include:

  • Tax loss trading review/reversal
  • Dividend/capital gains trading
  • Dollar cost averaging

Setting alerts for these types of portfolio maintenance activities occurring throughout the year will help you review these potential trades at the right times for clients. This is another important example of how software can help you, as an RIA, stay on top of client portfolios’ details and reduce the effort at the same time.

Contact us at AdvisorPeak to find out how creating proactive smart alerts, and a customizable trading calendar for centralized alert processing eliminates the need for manual outside trading task management. The benefit of using AdvisorPeak is that it helps eliminate manual event tracking activities for client portfolios, freeing you up to focus on using your expertise to implement the best investing strategies possible for your clients.