Tracking significant transactions in your client portfolios is an important part of managing your client portfolios. There are several significant transactions that you should watch for compliance, trading, etc. Factoring these transactions into a client’s financial plan or trading activities associated with these transactions is important to your client’s financial well-being.

In managing your client portfolios, there are several significant transactions that you should track and flag for trading for various reasons. This tracking may be to remember to factor these transactions into a client’s financial plan or take any trading action needed to connect to the transaction.

AdvisorPeak software helps RIAs track significant transactions in one place without having to access multiple data sources. Examples of trading alerts notification through AdvisorPeak includes: 

Cash and security deposits and withdrawals-

Clients deposit and withdraw cash from their accounts for a variety of reasons. Cash may also move in or out based on an automated transaction. The balances of securities can change due to the reinvestment of dividends, a stock split, or other reasons, regardless of why you always want to be on top of any changes in your client’s holdings.

New account funding-

If a client opens a new account, it may involve transferring assets or arise for another reason. Regardless, it’s important to be aware of this significant transaction as soon as possible to factor into your client’s financial planning.

Bond maturities and calls-

Tracking when individual bonds are maturing requires notification when the issuer exercises the call provision on a bond. Both of these transactions will result in extra cash in your client’s account to reinvest or to be available for use by your client. Having the right software that alerts you of the trade ensures that you are alerted in advance to help your client plan for this cash availability.

Interest, dividends, and capital gains-

Receiving interest, dividend or capital payments, or distributions can result in extra cash available in client accounts to invest or purchase additional shares upon reinvesting.  In the case of capital gains or losses resulting from a security sale, tracking these types of trading transactions ensures they factor into tax and investment planning for your clients.


Many clients pay advisory fees from their accounts. Tracking the cash outflow from their account and altering advisory fees when they are pending ensures sufficient cash in the client’s accounts to cover all fees and expenses.


Your client’s various investment accounts will have several significant trading transactions that occur during the course of a year. You may initiate some while others may happen due to a variety of circumstances.

Regardless, staying on top of all trading transactions ensures that you have the latest account information available for your clients. AdvisorPeak’s software monitors and alerts you to all types of trading transactions regardless of where they occur. Contact us to demo how our software monitors and provides insight into significant trading transactions inside your client’s portfolios.