Streamline Your Trading and Rebalancing

Our powerful engine makes trading effortless, allowing you to spend more of your time building relationships and serving your clients.

Set custom trading restrictions

Maximize tax efficiency

Auto-generated reports

Digital currency trading

Household-level rebalancing

Custom security and class modeling

Everything you need to confidently trade and rebalance

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“The process before AdvisorPeak for rebalancing was just plain awful. At the time, we only had 50 accounts, but we utilized three custodians, and that took all day to prepare the trades, execute the trades, and to allocate the trades. Now we have over 250 accounts in our models, still across three custodians that utilize Mutual Funds, ETF’s, Equities, and that process now only takes a couple of hours, which is impressive considering the amount of trades that we do during a rebalance is roughly 3,000 trades.”

VP of Operations
Morristown, NJ

Seamless Integrations

Our software seamlessly integrates with the software and system you already use allowing your firm to be software agnostic. We fully support most major custodians and portfolio management systems as well as service and analytics partners.

Simple & Feature-Rich

AdvisorPeak makes it easy to manage allocation models, from simple to complex. Our algorithm monitors your households and accounts and provides real-time data for quick decision making. The world moves fast, AdvisorPeak helps advisors move faster.

Fine-Tuned Securities Management

Supports all types of securities, mutual funds, stocks, ETF’s, fixed income, hedge funds or currencies. Set unlimited security equivalencies, manage fund and redemption fees, set do-not-sell restrictions or treat securities as cash.

Trade with Speed and Accuracy

Persistent monitoring algorithms provide alerts based on your unique settings. Set custom trade minimums, and trading fee thresholds. Allow for drift % from target and optimize for tax savings. Then make bulk trades with rapid precision.

Fix & Trade Order Management

Straight-through trade routing to virtually every custodian and brokerage firm in the country to simplify your trade execution. Institutional-grade Trade Order Management (TOM) available that includes block trading, order sets, and algorithmic trading.

Best in Class Customer Support

AdvisorPeak’s service and support team is unmatched in the industry. From onboarding to troubleshooting we will be there to guide your team every step of the way. Our software is a result of years of feedback from our clients, your voice matters.