Agile trading and rebalancing software to grow your business

Our powerful engine makes trading effortless, allowing you to spend more of your time building relationships and serving your clients.

Trading Rebalancing Software

Trade and Rebalance More Efficiently Than Ever

Rebalance all of your accounts & households in just a few clicks. Set custom trading restrictions such as trade minimums, gain/loss allowances, do not sell/buy restrictions, account exclusions, unlimited security equivalencies, and fund wash sale and re-demption fee monitoring.

Invest in Digital Currencies

Hold digital assets in a variety of account types from personal and institutional custodial accounts, to tax-advantaged accounts such as IRAs, to various forms of asset protection trusts—all of which can be traded and rebalanced at the household level.

Cash Management

AdvisorPeak provides robust management tools to monitor and dial in your cash needs. Specify account cash requirements, distributions, withdrawals, dollar-cost averaging schedules, and more.


Tax Efficiency

Maximize your tax efficiency with Household-level rebalancing, buy location preferences, and powerful tax-loss harvesting & buy replacement capabilities. Enhance your tax preferences with our integration with LifeYield, the industry leader in tax management.

Tax Efficiency and Cash Management for Advisors
Seamless Integrations and Best Support and Onboarding for Advisors

Seamless Integrations

We seamlessly integrate with the software platforms you already have in place. We fully support most major custodians and portfolio management systems as well as many service and analytics providers.

World Class Onboarding & Support

AdvisorPeak’s client service team is unmatched in the industry. We see ourselves as an extension of your business, and are there as a resource to you every step of the way.




Key Trading & Rebalancing Features

User Customization

  • User selected data views
  • User defined custom tags and notes

Platform Inclusive Partner Features

  • Quodd — 15 minute delayed market pricing
  • FinMason — Asset classification and allocation
  • LifeYield — Tax optimization analysis
  • FIS / SGN — FIX trading

Reporting & Analysis

  • Trade summary report
  • Drift report
  • Cash management
  • Detailed data and trading alert
  • Risk analysis

Secure SOC Compliant Microsoft Azure Cloud Deployment

Management Styles

  • Per account
  • Tax optimized household

Data Management

  • Automated system of record feeds
  • Import/Export supporting all industry leading custodians
  • Post trade reconciliation


  • Custom security and class modeling
  • Model of models (Sleeve) rebalancing
  • Tax optimized modeling
  • Custom trade tolerances

Trade Management

  • Block trading and allocation
  • Pre-trade compliance

Everything you need to confidently and efficiently trade and rebalance