It is critical to select technology based on what the software can do for you and your clients’ needs. As transactional relationships in the wealth management industry continue to decline, financial advice requires software that fits your investment management philosophy, automates processes, and allows you to customize. 

When technology is limiting, the time that allocates to meeting with clients wastes away. Therefore, you should measure your tech stack’s ROI in time and resource savings to your firm. Here are key feature components that should be customizable to your trading

Customization of portfolios: Our trading and rebalancing software allows you to create unlimited model portfolios containing all asset classes or choose standard models from the custodian. Scalable trading and rebalancing should accommodate either option since your client portfolios may require both. 

Automated trading and rebalancing: All software should automate your trading and rebalancing, but which one is right for you? It is up to you to investigate tech stack options that fit your needs. Consider these required options:

  • Trading minimums and thresholds
  • Multiple levels of approval for trading and compliance oversight
  • Consideration of held-away assets
  • Ability to tag securities for restrictions
  • Management of portfolios at the household level
  • Long/Short-term tax efficiency management

Tax Management: Tax-loss harvesting and tax planning are critical to your clients. If your software does not present anticipated tax outcomes, your clients face tax consequences that likely were avoidable. The software should alert you to trading opportunities and enable you to decide when to trade.

  • Household-level tax management rebalancing.
  • Buy location preferences.
  • Tax-loss harvesting and buy replacement capabilities.

Cash management: Not all software allows for cash management—but ours does. Cash management at scale involves liquidating and repurchasing shares with visibility whenever you need it- regardless of the cash position:

  • Monitor cash needs and dollar-cost averaging schedules.
  • Specify account cash requirements, distributions, and withdrawals.

Digital Assets Trading: Using alternative investments such as cryptocurrencies increases the opportunities available to investors. Your tech stack should be customizable to include alternative investments. 

  • Trade fractional shares between USD and BTC, ETH, and USDT 
  • Transfer assets between accounts or to any customer on the network in real-time.

Contact us at AdvisorPeak to determine how you can customize our software to create proactive, intelligent alerts and automated trading calendars for centralized alert processing and outside trading task management. The benefit of using AdvisorPeak is that it helps eliminate manual event tracking activities, freeing you to focus on initiating the best investment strategies for your clients.