Attending technology and industry conferences has many benefits such as interacting with new technologies, networking opportunities, continuing education, and industry support. New technology is critical to keeping ahead of changes and furthering a firm’s best practices. The ‘try before you buy’ opportunities that occur at conferences can save time and resources later and provide direct contact with vendors. Here are some other benefits of attending industry technology conferences: 

Finding a solution to your problem- Whatever the problem facing your practice, technology can solve it. With more time needed for clients, a streamlined tech stack with technology that works for you can be found at technology conferences. Making your technology work for you is easy when you hand-pick your software versus all-in-one solutions or ‘free’ custodian software that is filled with features that are irrelevant to your practice.

Networking with a community- When it comes to networking, financial advisors can benefit by interacting with peers. Finding out what technologies are providing solutions to every-day problems with first-hand experience from peers is priceless.

Mentorship and membership opportunities- Mentorship often presents itself as an additional benefit of attending conferences. Industry organizations often provide meet and greet sessions or information booths to advertise the benefits of membership or mentorship opportunities. Industry veterans can also benefit from mentoring others and are considered experts in specific areas of wealth management.

Vendor experiences- Conferences give you the opportunity to talk to vendors about how their technology works. Talking to vendors can also provide ideas of how to enhance your own work or suggest another vendor technology that can work. Vendors that have integration partners know how their technology works with theirs and can help you choose appropriate software for your practice.

Education- Continuing education is often offered at professional events for a reduced cost or through member-only access. Additionally, professional ‘member-only’ conferences provide knowledge and exposure to the latest technology and other essential business management practices, products, and vendors. 

We encourage all financial advisors to attend these fall conferences and come by the AdvisorPeak booth to introduce yourself:

  • T3
  • Bob Veres’ Insiders Forum
  • XYPN Live 2021 Conference

If you’re not able to attend this year’s conferences in person, access on-demand sessions, join live sessions, and connect with industry experts and peers at online events this fall.