As the mergers continue in the wealth management industry, advisor technology is one of the key topics at the forefront of each. Intense M&A activity, commission compression, and price wars are critical to who comes out on top. For advisors, having the best technology is critical to the survival of their practice. When the best, most intuitive technology is implemented, the zero commissions war is won through increased profitability. After all, mergers come with hefty price tags but are smart strategies to AUM growth—when it comes with robust technology.

Rebalancing and trading software are often overlooked but the savvy know that streamlining this process it is the gateway to the money. When so much is at stake, let the software do the lifting and since BUY, SELL or HOLD it is key to the most successful firms’ growth strategies.

The same way that the zero-commissions war has evolved, by utilizing intuitive technology to increase trading and rebalancing efficiency while lowering expenses, is the same way that independent advisors should be strategizing their win. If a rebalancing and trading software is limiting, costly, and isn’t meeting your expectations, it’s time for you to find a new system, regardless of the clearinghouses you use.

When evaluating trading and rebalancing software providers, it’s essential to consider the most significant impacts on your business:

  • Efficiency- Are costs reduced, and can the software scale as your business grows?
  • Seamless Integrations- Can you keep primary custodians and as well as service and analytics partners?
  • Customization- Do you have control over what is important to you and clients?
  • Flexibility- Can you retain or delete as much of the portfolio management process if you switch clearinghouses?
  • Fine-Tuned Securities Management- Are all types of securities, mutual funds, stocks, ETF’s, fixed income, hedge funds, or currencies supported?

AdvisorPeak considers these and other impacts. We believe that the most intuitive and cost-effective trading and rebalancing software isn’t a product of any custodian- it’s ours. Let us help you win the zero-commission war by scheduling a demo to show you how.