Remote work used to be considered a perk of the job, with only 3% of America’s full-time employees working from home, over the 20 years leading up to 2017. Last year in 2019, telecommuting increased by 159% when 4.7 million Americans started working from home.

With 2020 still in the running to be considered the unofficial ‘Year of Working From Home,’ you may be wondering, “What If Working from home goes on…forever?” While you or your clients may not be working remotely, others are planning to make video conferencing essential to business continuation.

Since video conferencing is at an all-time high, we thought that sharing some tips on video conferencing etiquette may be beneficial to you. If you have attended a virtual meeting, conference, or webinar where the etiquette was either on cue or sub-par, you can appreciate these tips:

  • Be on time in professional dress attire.
  • Minimize distractions such as inadequate lighting, noise, and room décor, making sure that the attendees’ experience is appropriate.
  • Attend from a dedicated work area (not your bedroom or other non-public areas).
  • Mute yourself when not speaking.
  • Ask permission to record the conference for those unable to attend or to review later.
  • Keep the video conferencing short and to the point.
  • Use presentation visuals (if appropriate).
  • Keep the video camera on.
  • Check to make sure you have the latest version of the video conferencing app and check your connection before starting.
  • Be polite to all attendees and act like you would if they were in front of you because they are!

Besides video conferencing etiquette, other components help to ensure a positive experience for others attending:

  • Solid internet connectivity.
  • A Laptop, desktop, or tablet with a camera and microphone. If you lack either, do not present or attend a video conference.
  • A trusted video conferencing app. If you are working for a regulated financial company, your app options may be limited due to security protocols.
  • A cloud-based phone system. If your conferencing app has a dial-in option, check connectivity before the conference or dial in from another cloud-based phone system if static occurs.

While thousands of businesses are trying to figure out how to stay open, we at AdvisorPeakare fortunate that we can work and continue connectivity with our customers and partners through video conferencing. Some of our favorite equipment for conferencing are:

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All of us at AdvisorPeak encourage you to continue connecting to your clients and prospects while you grow your business using video conferencing.