Technology continues to dramatically change the financial advice business, enhancing the client-advisor relationship even further. It is the advice that clients want and are willing to pay for, and technology is what arms the advisor with the tools to justify their fees. When it comes to managing money, clients expect their financial advisor to have the best financial technology tools available to do the job. Money and technology are so closely related that if a financial advisor is not using the latest technology, how will it equate to the client’s risk and money? It simply will not.

Technology continues to provide advisors with more time while giving clients access to the information they should have always had. After all, clients do not pay advisors for asset allocation or account knowledge but pay for the advice related to their money.

Technology also enables advisors with more choices. No longer is it required to use only one software like many broker-dealers or wire-house advisors are required to use. Advisors can incorporate new technologies choosing to use multiple software applications, each serving a specific purpose for clients and the advisor’s advisory business.  

Advisors can seamlessly execute strategies and provide multiple asset management solutions is essential to them and their clients:

  • All client data, risk analysis, all fund, and investment information are accessible, regardless of where held.
  • Automated trading and rebalancing, tax-loss harvesting, and cash management inside one FinTech solution.
  • Client onboarding, house-holding, and portfolio management are customizable for the client.
  • Data from multiple custodians efficiently manage.
  • Multiple technology platforms from different vendors incorporate into one centralized dashboard. 

At AdvisorPeak, we believe that having ‘choice’ is essential to any advisor’s business. These technology choices must arm advisors with tools to save time and justify their compensation for the advice they give. Our trading and rebalancing tool seamlessly integrates with your existing technology suite and service providers to fully support your advisory practice. 

Our partners include all major industry custodians, portfolio accounting systems, partner service firms, and model providers. Contact us to set up a demo and experience what AdvisorPeak can do for your wealth management practice.