Today’s financial advisor desires efficient tools to help manage their client’s portfolios and streamline their operations. Our goal at AdvisorPeak is to enable advisors to create proactive smart alerts as part of a customized trading calendar for centralized alert processing and eliminate the need for outside trading task management. For advisors with several clients, automating these and other types of alerts efficiently manages the various tasks their clients count on them to oversee:

Tolerance and threshold breaches- Asset allocation and allocations to specific securities are critical components of your client’s investment strategy. When the stock market is doing well, clients may find their allocation to equities or a sub-asset class, such as small caps, exceeded. Alerts can set to flag allocations that exceed a threshold above or below the desired allocation.

This threshold can also apply to specific securities. For example, your client might own shares of a company. If these shares’ value exceeds a certain level, you will receive an alert to take action.

Raise cash by a specified date- Your client may have a cash need on the horizon. Perhaps it’s a college tuition payment or a tax payment. Whatever the reason, AdvisorPeak allows you to set an alert for a date prior to this cash event to alert you to review their portfolio and evaluate the best route to raise the cash from their portfolio. Alerts allow you to take some time to review tax implications, their asset allocation, and other factors in advance of this cash need. 

Reconciliation and trade review- It’s important to review all trades made in a client account to ensure proper execution by the custodian. It’s also essential to reconcile their accounts to ensure that all proceeds from a sale or all cash used to purchase security allocate to the client’s portfolio. Our software can provide alerts after a client transaction to prompt you to review and reconcile the activity.

Future trading activity- AdvisorPeak software also allows for future trading alerts around events such as:

  • A portfolio review for potential tax-loss harvesting.
  • Allocating dividends and capital gains from trades and mutual fund holdings. 
  • Dollar-cost averaging contributions.
  • RMD
  • Fees

Contact us to learn more about AdvisorPeak’s trading alerts automation and how we help scale your business so you spend less time on manual tasks and more time managing relationships and prospecting.